Monday, May 12, 2008

Rose Hill Farm

Rose Hill Farm (no longer part of the farm).

Property Name (Historic): Rose Hill - A one-room school was located on the hill near this location and called Rose Hill School for the many wild roses that grew there.

Property Name (Present): Rose Hill.

Location: Rt. 630 (Blacksburg Road)

Name of Builder: William Henry Layman.

Year Built: Prior to 1816.

Places Near the Mountains by Helen R. Prillaman states, “Legend has it that Indians once camped on a hill to the south where they were watched by settlers from another hill. There was a large canning factory operated on this farm. Tomatoes were canned and sold under the ‘Rose Hill’ label.”

Original article printed February 12, 1997 in The Fincastle Herald, courtesy of Botetourt County Historical Society, Inc., and written by Emily Honts.

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